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New arrivals

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Our new products are already on the market and have been welcomed and praised by our customers at the Canton Fair. They look very high-end, stylish, meanwhile, ikea style is more warm office environment. These three new filing cabinets have not only improved in appearance but also changed in internal structure. 

The first is the most striking color. Customers can usually choose the color they want from the RAL and Pantone color cards. This year our engineers have created a new and unique color that is very eye-catching. At the same time, we will create more beautiful colors give customers more choices.

The second is the change around the cabinet. From the right-angled side to the curved side, it is beautiful, stylish and safe. This technology is very difficult to bend. However, only continuous breakthrough and innovation can provide customers with more choices to help customers expand the market. There are also changes in standing feet, and the curved standing feet are more beautiful and fashionable.

The third is the change of the handle. Most of the products are internal handle. This time, the external handle was selected, which is simple and exquisite, and it is easy to open and close the door.

The biggest change in the internal structure is the hinge. The new products are changed from door shaft to stainless steel hinge, which is durable and can open the door to the maximum extent and facilitate the handling of items.

We will continue to research new products to give customers more choices, and will continue to improve every step of the details, to give customers the best service and the highest quality products.

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