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Why Lockers are Better with Steel

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With lockers becoming a popular personal storage alternative in many Activity Based Workplaces, the need for an apt and flexible option is paramount.

To achieve this, the ability for total customisation begins at the foundation – the choice between joinery and steel.

Today’s work environment is a changing landscape and this needs to be reflected in workplace storage solutions. The modular features of steel lockers are an ideal option to correspond with the requirements of a modern workspace. Unlike joinery, steel made lockers can be moved, relocated, reconfigured and extended with minimal make good to the existing structure. This ultimately makes for easy update procedures to be carried out to the look of the lockers without having to replace them entirely, a much more cost efficient and sustainable option.

The strength and durability provided by steel lockers is notably superior to what is available with traditional joinery. Internally welded construction offers longevity and sturdiness joinery simply cannot match, while construction from zinc annealed steel prevents rusting and makes for an easily cleaned surface.

Steel lockers present a myriad of options in terms of colour, shape and size, as well as the choices of various ventilation holes, mail slots, locking mechanisms, cardholders and more.



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